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"I love second-hand." 4

What's not to love about second-hand items - especially free ones? I grew up in a large, poor family in the '60s. From as early as I can remember we never turned down a cast-off or a hand me down. We foraged for fruit and nuts etc and we could never go past a skip or dumped items without having a good look and/or a rummage. Sounds grim doesn't it but honestly it wasn't. Life was like one huge treasure hunt - and it still is. I hate to throw good stuff away. I love to rummage in boxes and bags at car-boots, and no-one has ever or could ever offend me by offering me a bag of cast of clothes or anything leftover or unwanted. And as for skips - well I still can't walk past one without having a good look although these days I always make sure I knock on the door and ask permission before I dive in and rummage.
6 days ago on Taunton Freegle #7556

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