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"Things that we hoard " 7

I love to freegle. I watch for what people need and often it’s sitting in the attic or garage. A lady wanted a stair gate and I knew we had one somewhere in the garage. That found a home. A bread maker was needed. I had an unopened one in the attic. It’s now being used. We found a home for our lawnmower and various other items. It feels good to help. We have received a lovely electric organ which sadly I couldn’t use and it freegled again to a good home. I asked if anyone had spare material for Cancer Care and a lovely lady supplied us with bags of off cuts. It was like Christmas at the craft group where they were made into craft items to use ourselves or sell to raise funds. I think we all keep the Just In Case I May Need It items that others can use. Keep up the good work. Spread the happiness of giving and receiving. Keep unwanted items out of landfill. It’s treasure to someone else.
18 days ago on Lancaster Morecambe Freegle #7640

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