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"What isn't there to love?" 7

Freegle is one of the best things ever. You get to give and receive and meet lovely people. Recently, I went through all my clothing, toiletries and books and got a fantastic response. I've started on a new craft project, inspired by a newspaper article about the 1960's artist Patrick Heron. I put a shout out for some DMC tapestry wool and a lovely lady delivered some. I've also created a windowsill 'garden' and requested nasturtiums. A lady in my home town, Ramsgate, offered some and we met at her house, leaving the items on her doorstep. I took some bean seeds and on top of the nasturtiums, she included 3 small lavender plants!!! I can't begin to tell you how happy Freegle makes me. Keep on keepin' on!
18 days ago on Thanet Freegle #7646

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