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"Kindness goes a long way" 9

I have been a member of the recycling community for a number of year from when it was called freecycle. Over the years I have given and received numerous items. I have not had many negative experiences so far. The only negative I can say is people saying they wanted something and then not picking up. People on here are so generous and accommodating it is heartwarming. I have just been given an beautiful office chair by a lady who is disabled and she was so kind and helpful she had the chair dismantled and ready for me to collect I can't thank her enough. This is the reason freegle is popular and successful. I want to say a big thank you to the moderator and all those who work behind the scene they make it work and people are benefiting from getting items that may otherwise have ended up at the Tip. Keep up the good work :-)
16 days ago on Calderdale Recycle #7884

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