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"It's addictive!" 5

Wow, I really love freegle! I was so lucky a few years ago to be able to part furnish my home with the help of kind freeglers and I really believe that we should all try to make use of what we have - and the less going to landfill or the tip, the better! We are still enjoying our freegle furniture; coffee table, tv stand, mirror, sofa, bookshelf, and more! And it makes me very happy to think that when we no longer need these things we can put them back on freegle for others to use and enjoy. The result has given us a happy home with an eclectic mix of well loved items with great history. One freegler invited us in for some home made fruit crumble and a cuppa which was lovely! And another told me how she used the bookshelf to store her now 35 year old daughters baby toys. There really is a heart to freegle and I would recommend it to everyone. I'm thoroughly enjoying spreading the freegle love and offering out things that are no longer of use to us. It's really wonderful knowing that things you no longer need are going to a good home. Thank you freegle!
2 months ago on Wolverhampton Freegle #7887

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