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I have been freegling for a few years now and am always astounded at what people do not want but one man's trash is another man's treasure. I offered a 2 piece suite complete with covers that no-one wanted! Alright so a spring or 2 was broken, but that's easily fixable. I then advertised it more locally, still with no takers until I had to pay the council for removal. It physically hurt me to watch it being chucked onto a van with no respect. Not long after someone asked for it! There are so many things I would love to take if I had a car and I don't have friends with one to help me out. So I miss out. PLEASE, please do not put in your ad "or going to the tip". Once at the tip, it's life ends, since the government decided to stop allowing people to take and recycle items there. We all know that delivery of a new item means that the old one has to go somewhere but for goodness sake, give it a chance before you actually sentence it to death. Advertise more than once if you have to, then try more locally in a village group. Very little needs to die. Let's all help it to last much longer.
a month ago on Launceston-Freegle #7926

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