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"Fulfilling my dream of recycle, reuse, reduce!" 5

I find it hard to accept that people would not share something they dont need anymore and maybe others can gain from using. It has been an obsession, as some friends would say, to not throw usable things away, even raiding skips at the tip or catching people about to throw something into a skip! My friends used to give me a hard time as when we might be going out all dressed up and I would see a skip on road side and go check it out for reusable goodies and often there was, so it would have to be squashed into the car for further handing on or personal use! I think Freegle should be advertised everywhere, incl at the tip and on the Green Party's newsletters and local councils website. The most profitable time is to be at the skip when the students who have finished their courses go to the tip to dump perfectly good household items because they are leaving town. I collect for refugees who are only allowed to have 1 bag each when they arrive, so the need for basic items such as clothing and shoes are a premium incl things for the children. One time I heard about a child who had arrived at an asylum centre who was crawling on the floor as she was disabled and they had no wheelchair or pushchair given to them when sent thro from the Home Office. Did you know that many NHS support equipment - wheelchairs, walkers etc - are dumped/sent to the knackers yard rather than be recycled to those who may need them. I have sent wheelchairs to various countries in Africa with colleagues who going to work there. why can the NHS not set up a donation system for poor countries and get them shipped to those who need them?? Many disabled people in poor countries are unable to afford wheelchairs or other support equipment and this is our taxes who have originally paid for this equipment! Why can we not have an international donation/recycling system for such equipment thro the govt development agencies?? If we are serious about reducing our waste then we need to be more innovative and forward thinking, but we also need politicians at all levels to make such a commitment. Happy Freegling and get your friends and family into it too, it is very rewarding. The Mad Kiwi - as some would say! Kia Ora
3 days ago on Wirral Freegle #8048

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