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"One in a million chance" 7

I was looking for a bodhrán for my friend. She is a keen musician and used to play as part of the Irish music sessions in Manchester. She had to sell her bodhrán due to financial difficulties, and I felt so sad to see her having to do that. I was desperately trying to find a replacement for her and planned to give it to her for her 30th birthday. I couldn’t afford one though, especially a “good” one. So I decided to try Freegle and posted a “wanted”, adding that this is probably a one in a million chance, finding something so very specific. To my utter astonishment a fellow freegler got in touch, saying he was my “one in a million chance”!!! Honestly, it felt like winning the lottery or something. Not only was this the kindest man, he even delivered it to me!!! Needless to say, my friend was over the moon, and so touched - she can play her instrument again, and when I told her the story of how I got it, it made it even more special. It was like a gift from the angels! Freegle brought JOY back into someone’s life, and that’s gotta be a strong testimony to how effective Freegle is as a community. :-)
8 days ago on Stockport Freegle #8173

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