Terms of Use

We could give you a ten page long Terms of Use. Like you'd read that.

As far as we're concerned, it's simple:

  1. Use Freegle to pass on unwanted items direct to others.
  2. Everything must be free and legal.
  3. Be nice to other freeglers, and they'll be nice to you.
  4. We don't see or check items offered - see our disclaimer.
  5. Freegle groups may have additional rules - check your local group for details.
  6. Please keep yourself safe and watch out for scams.
  7. Objectionable content or behaviour will not be tolerated.
  8. If you see anything inappropriate, suspicious or just dodgy then please report it.
  9. You must be aged 12 or over, as there is user-generated content.
  10. We won’t sell your email address to anyone else - see privacy page.
  11. We will email you posts, replies, events, newsletters, etc - control these in Settings.
  12. For some Freegle local groups, you are likely to be obliged to adhere to Yahoo! Groups Terms of Service or those of Norfolk Freegle.
  13. We will make your post public to publicise Freegle but not your email address - see privacy page.

Got questions?

If you have questions, please contact us.